Window Tinting History & Nebraska’s State Laws

I made it to La Vista a town in Omaha, Nebraska visiting my friend’s home on top of this hill where I am writing this post about the origins of window tinting & how it got started.  It’s starting history have been lost in speculation. This morning at the La Vista Window Tinting event, they shared and taught a little about window tinting history in general.

Some say that film window tinting didn’t come out until after 1965.  Others claim that it was more widely used in the ‘70s and its popularity continued since then.  Some offer up the idea that window tinting is Read More

Nebraska State Government

May 30, 1854 is the birthday that was given to the Nebraskan territory by US Congress, which then consisted of parts of Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Native Americans were eventually forced from these lands and moved into reservations.  Nebraska Omaha Flag american IndianIt officially became the 37th state on March 1, 1867; eventually moving their capital to Lancaster and changing the city’s name to Lincoln, after the late president. By 1880, the states population had quickly grown to approximately 450,000 people. Where now, the population is estimated at approximately 1,900,000.


Nebraska is known for production of beef, corn, soybeans, pork and more. The National Arbor Day Foundation was established and is still headquartered in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The city of Omaha has a long-standing history in civil rights activism and is home to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Read More Nebraska Parks, Trails & Hiking.

Nebraska Parks, Trails & Hiking.

The famous state Nebraska is home of magnificent natural settings.  Hiking one of Nebraska’s numerous trails is an excellent way for you to get around nature while at the same time getting some exercise. Whether you’re out for a good walk on a paved trail or a thrilling weekend-long trek, there’s a hiking trail in Nebraska that’s well suited for you.


Nebraska offers unlimited opportunities for physical fitness and outdoor exercises. Western Nebraska’s Pine Ridge is perfect for day trips and Read More

Nebraska Homestead History

Nebraska Homestead History

Nebraska was accepted as part of the United States Union in 1854 and along with many other northern states, Nebraska’s homesteading history begins with the Homestead Act of 1862, where the government encouraged population of land in order to promote farming and equal opportunity for owning property to people that never rose arms against the government.  This restricted the privilege from Southern Confederates and Native Americans Crow Dog Horse 1898 Omaha Nebraska History of whom the land was originally taken from as they were forced into neighboring states when unable to be assimilated into western culture. Women, Black Americans, and other minorities were finally given the opportunity to own property.

To receive Homestead Land, an application for up to

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